Hello! Welcome to the website of the KASTdecor workshop!


KASTdecor is a Russian brand of creating art author works in porcelain and graphics, which are combine workmanship, beauty and quality.
KASTdecor was founded in 2014 by Tatiana Svirtsova and Alexander Komarkov. We live and works in Moscow. Our workshop focuses on creating modern tableware, figurines and giftware.

We took the factory production process for installation in a small-sized studio and uses the technology of slip casting.


We thing that beauty should be functional. It is our philosophy so everything that we do can be used in everyday life. We create unusual works and invent unconventional approaches to the materials and forms. For example, we imitating painting of tempera and watercolor, texture of metal, mosaic, wool, textiles, wood, etc. in the porcelains decoration. We do modern work and It is important for us. We do not want to limit ourselves to porcelain alone. We are interested to work in various materials.
We received an academic education and we are professional artists. 
We create  design of all our works. Our difference is that we make original complex models and draw original author's images to them.


Customers will find in their store modern porcelain giftware. It's fashionable moustache cups and porcelain lamps, original tea mugs, teapots, vases, cute animals.
We are open for artistic experiments and cooperation with individual orders. In our workshop there is a place where the client's concepts can appear. But we do not take every project, because we prefer interesting orders to ourselves, as artists. It is important for us to create the unique and unusual work that will be please everyone.