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Hello! Welcome to the KASTdecor porcelain website.

KASTdecor is a Russian brand for the creation of art works of authorship in porcelain and graphics, which combine craftsmanship, beauty and quality.
Our philosophy is that beauty must be functional. Therefore, everything we do can be used in everyday life. We try to create unusual works, come up with non-standard approaches to material and form. For example, in porcelain decor we imitate tempera painting and watercolors, metal, mosaics, wool, textiles, wood carvings, etc.
It is important for us to do actual work, and we do not want to limit ourselves to only porcelain. We are interested in trying new materials and combining them. This approach seems to us modern, reflecting our time.
We received an academic profile education and are professional artists. We design and create absolutely all works with our own hands. We do not use someone else's blanks, we do not take third-party images, but we do everything inside and out ourselves

Any questions?
Please sent an e-mail to kastdecorshop@gmail.com